Great Bids

When you leave your prospects home, your bid will keep selling for you. Let your bid be the one that every other company has to measure up to.

Click here to see an infomative video about the Scheduling section and how it works.

RooferPro allows you to:

Add pre-job photos. Just take the digital photos and upload them into the bid.

Easily build new bids by selecting three products in a "good, better, best" scenario.

Edit existing bids for customers.

Easily look up older bids for reference later. Many prospects buy up to two years after they receive a bid.

Change individual quantities/prices on each line item for a bid.

Easily select a product color to show the customer on the bid.

Add bid comments to show up on final proposal.

Easily add custom notes geared towards customers.

Print bids in full color.

View bids online through company website.


Build bids while traveling – full mobility

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I wasn't sure the software could do everything they said it would when I first started using RooferPro. Now I am an evangelist for this online software!

Robert Picknell
Northwest Building Products
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