Why Customers Buy Mobile Roofer

Consumers are educated and able to research information at light speed.

Several years ago the Frito-Lay Company completed research revealing some surprising facts. Customers could detect differences in potato chip thickness of .008 inch (that's eight thousands of an inch). So why is that important? Their customers rejected the chips if they weren't the proper thickness. They also found out that customers prefer a chip that breaks under approximately four pounds of pressure per square inch.

These are the same consumers who have to replace their roofing at some point in their lives. In the middle to high income levels, these educated consumers can research information at light speed utilizing the Internet. If you "Google" the phrase "How to hire a roofer" you will find a considerable venue of sites offering advice. This is also a good resource to see how your roofing business stacks up to their recommendations. See the "Why Customers Buy" diagram below:

Your customer is going to be evaluating your overall performance, not just when you are sitting in front of them, but more significantly when other contractors are sitting in front of them. They will be evaluating your bid, reputation, educational help, confidence and overall feeling of quality.


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